OTT Trading System Project

OTT Financial is a professional trading service company focused on providing real-time trading services to both business and individual clients. The Company launched its first business in Canada by offering the foreign currency trading service to customers in the Great Toronto Area. The Company realized that a customer designed software application tailored to fit the Company’s unique business process model is critical to the success of the Company. Therefore the Company wanted to build the enterprise scale, state-of-the-art software application by using the latest Internet technologies. After the Company’s serious market research and evaluation, OTT Financial awarded the OTT Trading System project to MPR Consulting for its Java EE based solution proposal.
The Java EE architecture is the industry standard architecture for the enterprise scale Internet applications. A software application built on the Java EE architecture enjoys highly portability, scalability, flexibility, extensibility, manageability, security, reliability, and other benefits such as easy to maintain, free development tools, freedom to choose quality open source or competitive commercial software servers and components, as well as services and supports, etc.

MPR Consulting used the latest Java EE version 5 architecture to construct the OTT Trading System which is used daily by all staffs, including teller, trader, manager, and accounting department. The System helps teller and trader to complete a trade in the shortest time with minimal data entries. The System records all trading data required by Canadian regulations, detects money laundering activities, and stops trades with terrorists listed in the US government’s websites. A trading ticket is always generated from the collected trading data, and printed at the end of a trade. The System allows OTT Financial to adjust its profit margin at real-time in order to quickly response to the financial market. The accounting department can use the System to monitor the trades at real-time, and generate various reports from the System at real-time. The System also provides strong search capability to find customers by different search criteria. The System implements role-based security so that a staff’s access scope is limited to his job function.

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